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The Rivers & Streams of Maine
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River & Stream Properties

Maine has more than 5,000 rivers and streams covering some 37,000 miles. They provide about half of the watershed to the Gulf of Maine. "River" is not a precise term and can include everything from a vast waterway to a gentle brook. For the purposes of this site, river means water which flows - with enough volume most of the year to allow navigation by an outboard motor boat.

There are 6 major rivers in Maine:

Penobscot - 350 miles
St . John - 211 miles
Androscoggin - 175 miles
Kennebec - 150 miles
Saco - 104 miles
St. Croix - 75 miles
Unlike lakes, rivers are not static. They are constantly changing in volume, water temperature, and, in the case of coastal rivers, even direction as the tides rise and fall.

One of the primary attractions of Maine's rivers and streams, beyond their sheer beauty, is fishing. They offer a much greater diversity of fish species than lakes or ponds, including migrating salt water fish in many of the coastal rivers. River fishing, because of its changeability, is also a much more challenging undertaking.

Maine's many estuaries, where fresh and salt water come together, provide very important ecosystems for marine life, including soft-shelled clams and an amazing variety of shorebirds. From southwest to northeast, the tidal range can be from 9 up to 26 vertical feet. So what appears to be an exquisite little cove at high tide can turn into a barren mudflat at low tide.

Maine's Rivers List

This is a partial list of rivers in Maine. It is organized by tributary structure, from north to south along the coast. (courtesy of Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Saint John River

St. John River
St. John River

Down East

St. Croix River watershed
St. Croix River watershed

Penobscot Bay

Penobscot River watershed
Penobscot River watershed

Mid Coast

Kennebec River

Kennebec River
Kennebec River
Androscogin River watershed
Androscoggin River watershed

Southern Maine

Saco River watershed
Saco River watershed
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