Beachfront Property For Sale In Maine

Living near the beach is a dream that many people have. The sound of the waves, the ocean breeze and the beautiful views are just a few of the perks of being near the beach. Whether you are looking for a vacation getaway or a permanent home, you may want to search for beachfront property for sale in Maine. You will find a complete selection of available choices at Waterfront Properties of Maine. We offer a wide variety of beachfront property for sale in Maine and we will help you find the home of your dreams.

Beachfront Property for Sale in Maine

There are thousands of miles of shoreline in Maine. Many of these are located on bays, coves and islands. The coast is divided roughly into three sections. The south area is where the sandy beaches are located while the middle and northern areas have rocky shorelines. If you’re looking for beachfront property for sale in Maine you’ll want to consider a home that has at least some access to the beach. Many properties are adjacent to shared beaches that are ideal for relaxing and enjoying the view while they are just steps away from your door.

Consider the type of property that you want to purchase. For instance, a small home or townhome located on a sandy beach area is ideal for weekends and retirement. If you have a large family or would like more privacy, you’ll want to think about a single family home with beach access.

Features and Amenities

Beachfront homes are usually places where people can gather to enjoy the outdoors in warm months. Porches or decks are particularly important because they allow you to get outside and view the ocean from your own property. A glassed-in porch lets you enjoy the view throughout all of the seasons and in all weather conditions.

Think about the number of bedrooms you need, the size of the kitchen and the number of bathrooms that you prefer. Some homes have a separate guest cottage where friends or family can stay when they visit. If you own a boat you’ll want to have access to the marina or dock. You will want to verify whether there are any restrictions on the property use or modifications in case you want to renovate.

Search for Your Perfect Beachfront Home

Your perfect beach house is waiting for you! Waterfront Properties of Maine has a search tool that allows you to locate property listings in Maine. You can view a wide variety of choices or search using your specific criteria. You will find a list of amenities and photos of the inside and outside of the home. An experienced agent can help you locate a home that meets all of your expectations and fits your budget. There are many options and new properties are always coming onto the market. If you have a particular area in mind you can search that location to see what is currently available. When you find a property that interests you schedule an appointment with the agent so you can view it in person. Visit us online at to find your new home today.

Beachfront Property For Sale In Maine